Technology101 at the Plantation Key Senior Center

Plantation Key Senior Center

Plantation Key Senior Center



With the opening of the new J.O.Y. Center, a new “pop up” community center experiment for the first quarter of 2018, Technology101 at the Plantation Key Senior Center will no longer be offered. It will, however, be offered as one of the programs at the new J.O.Y. Center.

Note: you must be 60 or older to take this class FREE.

Keys to Peace has adopted the AARP Senior Center at 88800 Overseas Highway, otherwise known as the Plantation Key Senior Center.

The freestanding building is “tucked away” in the Plantation Key Government Center complex. it shares the parking lot with the Courthouse. (when you drive into the Courthouse parking lot, just look to your left…).

Our goals are to let more people know about the current programs, offer more fun activities and help rejuvenate the interior of the building. Many seniors in our community live by themselves, or with their children, and are isolated from other people their own age. This Center has the potential to bring more of these folks together for socializing and support.

technology101_class The Center has four computers for seniors to use. Weekly, Keys To Peace Member, Betsy Baste, M.Ed. will teach a free Technology 101 class Thursday morning from 10 -11 am. Seniors are welcome to drop in for the class and bring their personal devices with them: phones (Android and Apple), tablets, iPads, and laptops.  Seniors may also use the Center’s computers between 9:30 and 1:00 Monday through Friday.


Classes will be geared towards individual learning goals of the students. Participants are encouraged to bring their personal electronic devices (phones, tablets, laptops).  Each week we begin with problem solving for individuals’ issues.  This always evolves into great sharing for information, technological triumphs and tribulations! If we have time, there will also be a topic prepared for discussion and hands on learning to discover and explore new ways to use technology to it’s greatest advantage in our lives.  We want to make it work for us—not the other way around! Topics will be covered on a rotating basis, and add additional topics as needs or interest arises.
  • Technology 101: What you need to know
  • Keyboards: tips and tricks to make life easier and fun!
  • Photography: edit photos, use and share them across applications
  • Internet: Safety first!, it’s not all true, how to navigate the world
  • Passwords: How will we ever remember them all???
  • Facebook: Stay connected with friends & family, stay safe
  • Smart Phones, tablets & computers: how to make information flow
  • Settings for everything! Make it personal, make it work for YOU!
  • Apps: Not just for kids!


Here’s the latest poster, which includes all the other services available FREE to seniors:


eat play learn flyer for seniors