Mastermind DreamMakers

Mastermind DreamMakers by Mimi Greek and Susan Smith Tillman
Winner of the Benjamin Franklin Award in the category of Psychology and Self Help, “Mastermind DreamMakers” is a wonderful way for parents and teachers to spend quality time with kids. It is a fun and exciting adventure in self discovery where adults and kids create a “Dream Team” to explore self mastery and unlock the power within. Stimulating stories, games and activities will help young and old improve relationships, discover greater joy and success, enjoy health and well being and find positive solutions to the challenges of a changing world.

Michael Jolin – “The Freedom Just To Be”

Everything is Working Perfectly – Mari-Etta Stoner

Random Acts of Kindness – Florida Keys

The Prayer Catcher

The Prayer Catcher
Staircase to Self Actualization – Kelly Hostetler and Kathy Lasseter

Dr David Coppola

Dr. David Coppola
Dr. David Coppola is past president of Keys To Peace, Holistic Doctor, DC, and author.

Peace X Peace

Peace X Peace

Tree of Life Center

Tree of Life Center – Gabriel Cousens and Sevenfold Peace

Eco-Spiritual Living Center

Eco-Spiritual Living Center – Transforming communities

Florida Keys Info

International Peace Parks

International Peace Parks

Lessons in Conflict Resolution

Lessons in conflict resolution

Teaching Peace

Peace Education in the Nuclear Age

Teaching Peace Tools

Teaching Peace tools for teachers

A Human Approach to  World Peace

A human approach to world peace

Gaia Education

Gaia Education – building communities for today

U.S. Dept of Peace

Campaign to establish a U.S. Department of Peace

River Phoenix Center for Peace Building

Center for Peace Building