committee-1Do you want to serve in some capacity?

We have a number of committees that you can join and become involved with to whatever extent you want.

Look at the list, below, see what appeals to you, read the description and, if you’re interested, contact with your questions and times when you are available.

Keys Kindness Festival Planning Committee

On April 9, 2017 we had our first annual Keys Kindness Festival and third annual GIVEAWAY. It was a huge success. Planning for KKF 2018 is beginning and if you’d like to be a part of planning our signature event, this is your chance.

Our first GIVEAWAY was on October 18, 2015, the second on October 29, 2016, both in conjunction with Burton Memorial Methodist Church’s Pumpkin Patch. When we planned for the third GIVEAWAY, we decided to do a bit more and have an entire festival based on kindness.

See more about the GIVEAWAYS here, and the Kindness Festival here.

Planning for 2018’s festival will begin shortly, so sign up to be on this committee ASAP!

Peace Bell Committee

Get involved in all aspects of our most innovative and identifiable project. The Peace Bells began as an idea in the mind of one of our founders, Denise Downing, after she’d returned from a trip out west; she saw acetylene tanks painted in simple native American designs and realized that with all our local artists this would be a wonderful fundraiser for our group.

After being gifted over 20 steel dive tanks from Ocean Divers by one of our members, the late Ginger Gibson, she approached volunteers to cut, sandblast and prime the tanks and offered local artists in the Upper Keys the opportunity to paint them. (see the whole story here)

The artists finished painting the bells and this coincided with a visit from the Drepung Gomang monks on their Sacred Art tour. All the finished bells were hung from the Royal Poinciana tree at the corner of Morada Way and Old Hwy in the Morada Way Arts & Cultural District, artists and a designated child-helper stood next to the bell and the public viewed the Peace Bells for the first time. The monks blessed the bells in a stirring ceremony and the Peace Bell project was off and running!

Bylaws Committee

Every nonprofit knows that the foundation is all about rules and structure.  (note from Marlene, the webmaster: “when I arrived in 2010, I discovered that KTP didn’t have any formal bylaws, and since I’ve been involved with nonprofits for nearly a decade, I decided that we needed them to go forward. Since them we’ve revised a few versions and have landed on one that’s perfect…for now…).

If you are an organized person, enjoy structure, rules and regulations—and enjoy writing—you may be interested in being on this committee! See our current bylaws here.

Compassionate Student Scholarship Committee

For the first time, we are offering a scholarship for a student at one of our local schools. It is in its infancy right now, the early planning sessions are beginning, and we are just now starting to figure out ways to fund raise and support this for our community.

Many people are interested and want to help. If you are one of those, this may be the committee you want to be one. Get started right at the beginning! 

Monks Committee

The Drepung Gomang Tibetan Monks have visited our paradise annually since 2007. Last year they went to Key West’s sangha and we’re hoping to have them visit the Upper Keys again in 2018 on their Sacred Art Tour, where they tour the country under the auspices of the sect which they belong which is associated with the Dalai Lama.

The planning for their visit usually takes a few months but it is worth it! Local restaurants are happy to provide meals for them, local establishments view their visit with joy because their business will be blessed if the monks visit it, and many people are anxious to have them stay in their homes for the week’s duration.

Usually, they make a Sand Mandala, a painstaking, one-grain-of-sand-at-a-time, 5-foot square work of art that is sacred to them. There is ceremony surrounding every aspect of its building and dismantling, and the public is invited. 

The monks themselves are a joy to be around and everyone who has worked on the committee in the past will tell you that all the hard work is worth every moment!

Membership (CBP & I/F) Committee

Do you enjoy working with people, enjoy working with businesses whose mission aligns with ours? Then you would be perfect for the Membership Committee.

Although we don’t actively recruit people or businesses, we make sure that once someone is a member, they know when their renewal date is, what is available to them specifically because they are a KTP member and we are constantly trying to update all the perks that membership brings, for example

  • Free advertising for free events sponsored by our Compassionate Business Partners
  • Ability to advertise CBP’s business once a year in our newsletter
  • Links to our website and the ability to link back from CBP’s site to ours
  • Discounts for members are events in the Upper Keys
  • Listing monthly—business name, contact person, phone, address & email—on our website and monthly newsletter

And we’re always on the look out for more ways to encourage people to join and stay as members. This is a very rewarding committee to be on!