Charter for Compassion

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Compassion is not an option. It is the key to our survival.”

– Karen Armstrong, Founder of the global movement, The Charter for Compassion

On February 22, 2016,  Keys to Peace proudly took the pledge to join “The Charter for Compassion” on their mission to foster compassion throughout the globe. (Click here to see Keys to Peace‘s partner page on the Charter for Compassion website.)

Through our partnership, we are now connected with others who share our vision for a more peaceful world. With this collaboration, our goal is to be recognized as a “Compassionate Community.”

What is a Compassionate Community?

A compassionate city is an uncomfortable city!  A city that is uncomfortable when anyone is homeless or hungry.  Uncomfortable if every child isnt loved and given rich opportunities to grow and thrive.  Uncomfortable when as a community we dont treat our neighbors as we would wish to be treated.-Karen Armstrong

St. Augustine was the first city in Florida to become a “Compassionate Community” and we hope to follow in their footsteps by identifying and addressing the prominent issues that are inflicting our community. Together, we can promote awareness and create lasting solutions that ensure everyone in our community is being cared for. Stay tuned for ways that you can help us to accomplish our goal.

To learn more about “The Charter for Compassion,” please visit their website at and/or watch the following video: