Annual Florida Keys Giveaway

3rd Annual Florida Keys Kindness Festival & GIVEAWAY

The time for spring cleaning is just around the corner. If you are looking for somewhere to donate your gently used clothing and household items, consider saving them for our upcoming 3rd Annual Kindness Festival & Giveaway on April 9th, 2017 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Morada Way Art & Culture District in Islamorada.

If you have been to our previous giveaways, you know that the focus is on spreading kindness and making connections in our community. Everyone is invited to bring what they can and take what they need. It is such a rewarding experience to watch the items you donate leave with a neighbor who needs them.

This year’s festival is aimed to be our biggest event yet and will include not only donated goods but also donated services. Anyone with a service or talent, from crafting to massage therapy, is invited to donate their services at the festival. Also, there will be live music, yoga in the garden, activities for kids, Peace Bell raffles, as well as food and drink for purchase.

We are currently in need of coordinators and sponsors for our event. If you would like to volunteer or if you have any questions about our event, please contact Lindsay Sivley at

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2nd Annual Florida Keys GIVEAWAY

This year was a big blowout at the Burton Memorial Methodist Church; not only did they have their annual Pumpkin Patch, they had a Fall Festival with four enormous jump houses, a petting zoo, a dunk tank, and, of course, our GIVEAWAY, which filled the conference room and the hallway with children’s clothes, toys and miscellaneous items for the home. 

What a great success! And many thanks to all the volunteers, everyone who donated their time and effort, to donate items, and especially to Liz Arnold and Lou Sivley ([formerly] Gillespie) for their tireless efforts! Great job all around!

Here are some photos from the event!

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Last year, Keys to Peace hosted their first annual “Kindness GIVEAWAY,” a yard sale where everyone brought what they could and took what they needed (no money involved.)

Since it was so successful, we decided to make it an annual event that will occur every year in the spring.  But, for now, we hosted a smaller version to prepare for our larger event this coming spring.

On October 29th, 2016 we hosted a “Mini Kindness GIVEAWAY” at the Fall “Pumpkin Patch” Festival at Burton Memorial Methodist Church.

Items to donate were limited to the following (and, REMEMBER, in the spring, many more items will be allowed!):

  • Children’s clothing
  • Winter clothing (jackets, hats, etc.)
  • Holiday, or other, toys
  • Small household appliances

This was the perfect opportunity to continue to spread our message of compassion throughout the community.


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1st Annual Florida Keys GIVEAWAY

Here are some photos from the event:

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I heart free stuff

On 10/18/2015, at Burton Memorial Methodist Church (mile marker 93, oceanside—at the bend in the road) Keys to Peace will host the 1st Annual Florida Keys Giveaway. It will take place from 2 – 4 PM and we anticipate a big crowd. Along with items to take away with you, there will be Halloween pumpkins and Peace Bell raffle tickets for sale.

The following is the schedule of events:

1 PM – 2 PM –  People with giveaway items will display their gifts on the tables in the Community Room and breezeway or on their blankets in the peace park area.

2 – 4 PM – Giveaway.

Any items that have not been taken by 4:00 PM will be donated to The Long Walk Home, a local nonprofit or taken to the M.A.R.C. House or Salvation Army.  No items will be left on church grounds.

By the way, a Giveaway is like a giant yard sale where no money is exchanged. All items are freely given. (Another name for this is “Freecycling”). The slogan is ” Bring What You Can – Take What You Need.”

Please bring items that one person can carry.

In addition to giving away items, people will be encouraged to share their talents (ex. baking cookies, cutting hair, playing a musical instrument, singing, juggling, storytelling, giving a massage, etc.) in the same spirit of giving. We envision that this event will inspire our community to open their hearts and practice kindness.  As mentioned, a large turnout is expected, so come early!

Start  putting aside “stuff” that you no longer need. If you know of a business that would like to donate items that are slightly used or a bit shop worn, one of our volunteers will pick items up in advance and give credit to the business in the event program. No electronics, please.

If you know, or you know of, large items (larger than one person can carry) please contact us at, or bring a photo of the item, along with a description with a way to contact you, and we’ll post it at the event.

Below is the poster for the event; you can go to our “Download Posters/Flyers page” and download it in PDF format; the link is here.

1st Annual Florida Keys Giveaway

 GIVEAWAY Instructions (English):giveaway instructions (English)

GIVEAWAY Instructions (Spanish)):giveaway instructions (Spanish)